A journey with Mariama, from fashion to Cologne. The easy way out!

Mariama is probably going to be the most interesting music sensation in France in September. She’s leading a great web-programme called “Take me to Paris” and in every new episode, she makes us discover an artist she likes; at the end, they sing a duet.

Her first album, “the easy way out”, will be available starting rom September 24. We had the chance to ask her some questions, from fashion to inspirations. Here we go…

We read that you have some roots in Germany, Sierra Leone and that you’re now living in France: do you consider yourself as a “world citizen”?

I do not have patriotic feelings about any country. I love my hometown Cologne, I feel like Paris is where I want to be right now and I feel a strong longing to see Sierra Leone again, but I also want to discover places I have never been to. My grandfather was a nomad before he settled down in Sierra Leone and I think I am a bit of a nomad, too. Growing up with my parents representig two very different cultures at home showed me from the beginning that there is never just one way to live your life and everywhere you go you can learn something.

When did you realise that you wanted to sing?

Earlier than I can remember. It’s always been something I naturally wanted to do.

You’ve recently opened your dressing room for Cosmopolitan; French fashionistas love your elegance; what do you answer to people who think that fashion is just superficiality?

To me fashion is not about wearing the trends of this season. A great fashion designer is just as much an artist as a painter, a sculptor or a musician. Whatever you wear should be an expression of how you feel and a celebration of who you are.

What are you currently listening to?

That changes everyday. Yesterday from morning until noon it was Al Green on repeat and later a friend made me discover an artist called « How To Dress Well ».

If we want to discover your own unverse, where shall we start?

You may want to start with my single « Easy Way Out ». Then you could listen to my album « The Easy Way Out » and tell me what your favourite song is.

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