Fashion for entrepreneurs: #wanted shopping list

Dear readers,

It’s the end of August, and I’m freaking out, waiting for September new clients. And yeah, I’m an “entrepreneur”. Consider the fact that it’s AWFUL to pronounce this word with an English accent when you’re FRENCH ha!

So here’s a list of #wanted items, for your beloved lilzeon.


Keel’s diary: yeah, when you shape a project or want to keep a track record, you can use a notepad…But when you move, most of the time, you forget your bloody notepads. Well, this very special diary rocks, because it suddenly becomes your personal daily meeting point.



When you create a business, well, you must have business cards. Not very digital-savy, but people still LOVE to have cards. And since Mark Zuckerberg once had a “I’m the CEO bitch” card, it’s still up and kicking…I love this cardholder by Alexander McQueen

When you are pitching for a new business, you need a bag, to carry all your crap. This one by Jack Spade is both elegant and functional:


This is a joke but I love this Kusmi Tea boost; as you never sleep, you need some help…And the good news is that Kusmi tea IS legal!


You’re young, bright, broke, but wannabe millionaire! So you need this denim shirt by Ralph Lauren, to chill around your office…

A Chino is a good compromise between casual and chic; if you wear it properly, you can have it both during your crazy parties AND in front of a client! Yes, I can confess..

If you’re in Premiere League, then you often fly. To avoid jet-lag, a sleep mask by Mary Green can suit you..

With this shopping list, I suddenly feel more relaxful, or more broke, or maybe both ha!

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