French Brands To Watch #1: Bérangère Claire

French designer Bérangère Claire started back in 2007 with a simple quest that would set the mood for parisian elegance for the years to come: bring some fresh inspirations from the US to Parisians and other frenchies. As she started interpreting her love for american vintage prints and air from the west, gingham patterns and other checkered shirts began to blend into european outfits. The trend finally reached a peak around 2010, when hipsters and common fashionisti all sported an effort to like lumberjacks from Wyoming.

Now that good old Terry Richardson is out of hype, brands have set on a more subtle quest for a contemporary take on vintage inspirations. After giving birth to her first child, Lorraine-born Bérangère Claire has given a new boost to her very preppy collections a wild twist by creating since 2011 jackets in both menswear and womenswear collections.

Bérangère Claire looks – Fall Winter 2012

Furiously discreet as we found her when meeting back in 2009 for Le Dixieme concept-store, she attracted nonetheless all but the best indie artists into her wake. Artists such as Brodinski and Mondkopf, Teki Latex or Yuksek (all young guns and french mughuls of the electro-dance music scene born fluo a few years back) have all got a crush for her vision. The young crew has created graphical collaborations and made their way into the hearts of a passionate young crowd. However fast-cool the brand has always been, it is remarkable that Bérangère Claire is still giving life to very mature collections that would fit right into Brooklyn or Shoreditch streets. Who better than a french girl to draw the best out of british and american fashion?

Her story goes online every so often via her journal here.

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