Runway Critic: Timo Weiland SS13

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We knew Timo Weiland was a very talented designer. Going short of breath on discovering for the first time a designer’s work is pretty rare. This is one of those. Actually, we met Timo back in 2010. By that time, the collections already manifested incredible gift in the minds and hands of the boy. Graphically insane, colors and patterns merged and blended, assembled with authority and confidence. This trait has not gone. This season, hound’s tooth go extra-magnified to clash with minimal color matches or ethnic inspirations, while girls feel quite indie brit and boys play urban scouts. The collection is indeed rich and stimulating. Let’s be bold then and state the following: if one could challenge Dries Van Noten’s flair in patterns, graphics and prints, that would definitely be playboy Timo.

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