ATLD: pop knots for quality scarves

ATLD (aka A Three Legged Dog) creates ecstatic scarfs; a collusion between pop art, disco culture and even Bollywood. We met the 2 creators of ATLD for a conversation around “French” touch, wearing scarfs, and inspirations.

Do you consider ATLD as a “French” brand?

We don’t know if it is still French, but it is definitely us. Kids of the globalization, we own to a multi-cultural generation. We are wide open to the world since we are young and you can see it in our first collection. However our products are consciously made in France with 100 years of tradition. Our concern for quality and savoir-faire is for sure what is the most French in us.

Scarves for men are still pretty new for mainstream consumers: if I had to wear one, what would you recommend me to do?

Well as you said, it’s pretty new so have fun, try every knot possible in a million ways ! That is the good thing about scarves, its ability to satisfy every single look.

Mostly when we’re wearing it, we just tie it, simple knot or double windsor knot. Thus we have been trying to collect ideas on our Tumblr, so take a look weekly for some knotting clues.

What are your daily inspirations?

A pretty much of everything. We have close look on what is going on inside fashion world but our inspirations are in old books, antique dealers, second hand fashion and of course a lot of music.

Where can we follow you?, atld paris on facebook et @AtldParis on Twitter, and hopefully within London’s finest boutique !

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