Andes Premium Catch: a fish shop as a mashup between sustainability and lifestyle

What if fish shops were the new fashion hot spots? What if you could reinvent a classic highstreet seafood boutique in a very collective knowledge? That’s the bet of Andes Premium Catch in Shanghai. And it rocks.

Hi Jiayi; so you’ve launched with your family in Shanghai a fish shop which is also a space for creativity: can you tell us more about this crazy project?

Our fish shop Andes Premium Catch is all about living the good life! We carry only the best wild ocean fish that is 100% traceable and additive free. However, while a lot of people would love to enjoy this seafood at home, often they don’t know exactly what to do with it. So we have an open kitchen and a resident chef to introduce new ways of enjoying food to our customers. As an educational space for wild and additive free seafood, we will cooperate with leaders in food safety and nutrition to bring the message of healthy and responsible living to China.

There’s more and more this kind of collaborative space: how do you see this fish for thought store in few years?

The Chinese consumer is becoming more and more savvy and discerning. I see the store staying as our flagship, becoming an increasingly trusted source for responsible seafood and a symbol of living well. We will open more and more stores around Shanghai, then the rest of China!

Does it smell? xoxo

Smells good to me 😉

Where can we follow the global project? (links etc.) (will be ready soon, it links u to our blog)

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