Viktoria Modesta, fashion sensation, iconic slasher

There are people who are slashers because they want to do it: DJ by night, madman during the day. Others don’t have this choice, because they just need to pay the bills: bartender by night, handyman some days, model others.


And here comes Viktoria Modesta. You’d better remember her amazing performance during the Paralympic closing ceremony, directed by Kim Gavin, while she was playing the role of Snow Queen wearing a Swarovski prosthetic leg & performing with the main skating cast from Dancing On Ice. A big bang for minds, all over the world. Her missing leg is no longer this monstrosity that media tried to hide in magazines for ages; this is no longer a thing we try not to look at; it’s a source of empowerement for beauty, aesthetics. It’s a great hope for anyone feeling “different”: it’s an asset, not a problem.

Viktoria managed to tell us that it’s not because you’re a slasher that you cannot shape hyphens, directly to our souls.

Viktoria Modesta is also a great singer and performer. And it’s blasting:

Viktoria, we <3 you.


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