ASOS shopping list for men: our choice

Hey hey hey!

It seems like ASOS if now offering up to 70% off further reductions. A good time for men to change our outfits hehe!

As we’re definitely nice guys, here are what we’ve picked:

Iro Parka Style Jacket with Faux Fur Hood

Tired of sportswear parka? ANd in the meantime, you’re freezing with your summer jackets? Well, let’s face it: you need a new compromise between a cold and a style.

Knit Blazer

Knit Blazer became very popular 2 years ago: you could finally wear a blazer made in sweatshirt materials. Was it hectic? Probably. But now it’s the new normal. This Blazer will be perfect for chilling with your buddies or at work. TGIF!

Oxford Shirt

Ok, I Know what you think; you still want to wear a denim shirt, because it’s oh so sexy. Well well well, it’s right. But you need to grow up man. So pick this cool pale blue-grey shirt, it’ll make your girlfriend proud, and your mummy will be happy to know you’re not a real-TV star.



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