Levi's SS 13 Preview @ The Farmiloe Building: Americana baby!

Levi’s is one of these brands which is always able to re-create, re-inspire, re-juvenate its great story.

From the Gold Miners inheritance, to more abstract art, Levi’s presented yesterday night in the lovely Farmiloe Building (St John Street) its Spring Summer 2013 collection.

It was definitely a back to the future III atmosphere; while the man was checking his iPhone-pickaxe, her lovely wife wanted to escape with an East Londoner (er, well, you know…)

A 501XX was lighting up the warehouse:

And Levi’s was also affirming again that it was born on West vitality:

But this West inheritance has now embraced wider communities (fixies, urban explorers etc.); Levi’s was also mashing up hipsters to its 19th century background:

Not the best part compared to the rough and interesting pieces about Americana workwear. But hey, we’re in London. Don’t worry: it’s not the core of the collection as you can see in this snapshot of SS 2013 ad campaign:

You can also check what Levi’s presented in Buenos Aires:

The female collection was not fully displayed yesterday. Nonetheless, according to what we’ve seen online, the Navajo and Native American roots seem also very powerful this year…

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