5 differences between British and French fashionistas (1)

Let’s face it: Brits and Frogs are absolutely not the same.

Frogs go to London for TopShop, pubs, glam clubs and never ending discoveries.

Brits go to Paris for Art de Vivre, for French lovers (come on, don’t lie… :p )and for romantic wine moment.

It may sound a bit cliché, but as in any stereotype, some elements are not THAT wrong. We’re going to explore some differences between French and British girls. It’s an attempt which will fail, of course, as the diversity of profiles and lifestyles is HUGE. But it’s a funny attempt, so don’t hesitate to help us!

So what are the main differences between French fashionistas and British ones? Well well well…

  1. Brits don’t feel the cold, Frenchies are shivering
    Imagine a bench of girls in London, while it’s raining, and that a crazy wind is transforming our bodies into street kites:

    Now imagine the French girls:

    I can tell you one thing: it must be a nightmare to prepare any global brand collection for Europe: English summer is a kind of early Spring for French. One suggestion: stop casting Kate Moss for any campaign, French girls KNOW it’s FAKE: hire a French Southerner instead if you want to promote your outfits in London. We’ll trust her if she doesn’t feel the freezing in Soho

  2. Brits don’t hesitate to show off, Frenchies prefer to look distant
    Yeah, British women aren’t afraid to party, and to express their madness; it often starts pretty early, thus :p

    Well, Frenchies, specially in Paris, prefer to go clubbing but without dancing. God knows why?

    English boys: don’t be scared. Even French men don’t get a clue on how French women think. And it’s also a good news: we’ll have to use our brain, again and again (or try to…or get high…)

  3. Brits have Alexa Chung, French have Garance Doré

    But beyond our 2 lovely stars, there are many crazy new icons emerging in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lyon or Montpellier. We need to offer us a road trip in county side, damn it!
  4. Brits read Vogue, Bazaar, Hunger…French read Vogue, Bazaar, Purple

    At the end, Condé Nast and independent publishers won.

  5. Shoreditch vs Le 11ème arrondissement
    It’s a real battle.
    Sunday market in Brick Lane, where you can shop any vintage item you want; if you’re fed up with that, you can visit Hackney and discover new shops.
    Le 11ème arrondissement.

    I’m going to be very unfair. I live in Shoreditch, and I used to live in Le 11ème. Le 11ème definitely wins. Why that? Because of food. Because I’m fed up with vintage. And because Frenchies don’t have to wear a boho outfit to walk in Le 11ème. Come on Brit’ friends: I KNOW you buy SPECIAL trousers to go to Brick Lane. I KNOW IT, don’t pretend it!!!

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