Domaine des Hautes Glaces x Le Dixieme by atelier Xavier Forêt

When it comes to good taste, your very own editor here VQ believes that it’s not only a matter of being trendy, it’s really a state of mind. So when we tasted [MINIMUS], a strong yet very fine and delicate single malt from french organic distillery Domaine des Hautes Glaces and discovered a liquor conceived with a modern style, we decided something had to be done to make a statement about its true quality.

Via LE DIXIEME for art direction, we asked craftsman and designer Xavier Forêt to come up with a sleeve that would suit both a bottle of [MINIMUS] or a 13″ laptop/documents, as we were convinced in a contemporary gentleman’s/lady’s lifestyle, spirits are spilled into fine work at day and into fine glasses at night, but should be equally adapted into an everyday part of an outfit. So we designed this singular item that will be sold on a limited quantity starting mid-November in a short list of concept-stores Europe-wide.


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