Epicure Paris: Parisian hedonism (and you can win a dress…)

Epicure Paris is a rising fashion brand based in Paris. Their very first Fall / Winter 2012 collection is very promising: they mix “happy fashion” and educating people to more premium and complexed materials. Kenza , one of our French Famous Fashionista (FFF) was recently wearing one of their dresses. We’ve met Thibaud Roblin, co-founder of Epicure Paris.

What’s Epicure?

Epicure is a young and mischievous brand born in Spring 2012. Epicure was born in an international fashion culture and created itself an extraordinary universe hungering for precious fabrics and yarn. These were selected all around the world with meticulous care.
Epicure’s style is minimalist and contemporary. Our sensitivity to great fabrics and style is gathering an increasing number of Epicureans!

There are more and more brands claiming a certain “Made in Paris”: what is it like to be a Parisian fashion brand?

« Made in Paris » means mostly about living the French style. Epicure lives it fully! It is the casual simplicity defining Paris.
« Made in Paris » is also about creating each style thinking about taking a walk along the canal Saint-Martin or drinking a coffee in Saint Germain. Made in Paris clothes are made to live in!

Cleopatre dress. You can win it!

Do you feel like a “FRENCH” brand, sacrebleu?

Of course! If Epicure’s inspiration comes from our international designers, it has always been approached as a French brand. A French brand is also about that: being open to international art and design!

An epicurian advice for our readers?

An Epicurean is someone who enjoys indulging oneself and pleasing people. So get in!

So now readers: if you want to win this Cleopatre Dress by Epicure: tell us in comments what’s an epicurian moment!

  1. An epicurean moment is definitely eating tons of cheese, drinking litres of wine with the one that I love. Just forgetting about tomorrow and living the present moment 🙂

  2. An Epicurian moment would be as we re all trying to looking for wisdom and enjoying our life (..) THIS sharing with people how you discern the world and pretending to have the best opinion / not face to face 😉

  3. Sitting aboard an open top bus in Paris, not caring what the world thinks – watching them all dart that way and this, dodging the drips. Soaking up the moment before life kicks in again.

  4. Epicurean (adj) – devoted to the pursuit of sensual pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort.

    An Epicurean moment is a special Thanksgiving dinner at a cozy and quiet restaurant with my significant other where we talk about life, everything, and nothing.

  5. an epicurian moment for me could be if I win this dress 😀 it´s having fun with my friends or just having x-mas lunch with my family, ´cuz I´m trying to enjoy every moment 😛

  6. My Epicurian moment is definitely when I’m clothes shopping. I just go into this mode and all senses are engaged. Then, after the exhaustion of a day of shopping, going out to eat a great meal.

  7. an epucurian moment would be cooking for my entire family and eating together near to the christmast tree on that special day which is almost here :)))

  8. I just moved to another city with my boyfriend, we live in a small ancient city in the North of Italy. Our epicurean moments are when we come home after the office and wander by foot in the city, discovering all the corner and learning the places, talking about our day and our plans and sometimes stopping in bar sipping wine or in old “osterie” having some fish dishes near the river…Love it.

  9. That moment when my boyfriend finally proposes to me and he’ll surprise me and bring me to a restaurant that he’ll reserve exclusively for us. I, wearing a wonderful dress and him a sexy tux while indulging to the fine dine that he picked especially for that night. ahhh. <3

  10. an epicurian moment is when i have a very difficult task to do at my job and somebody does it for me by mistake 🙂 happened today..

  11. An epicurian moment is when I can close my eyes and breathe, and that I just feel like smiling and… flâner à la parisienne (strolling around in the Paris way).

  12. an epicurian moment is when it’s snowing outside but you are indoors with best friend and you drink hot chocolate, eat frozen strawberrys and bananas.

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