Fashion & feminism(s)

It’s Sunday, and Sundays are made for discoveries; among diverse talents we often read, we love Rosalind Jana – Vogue Talent Contest Winner 2011 (writing) – who often mixes photography and great thoughts. As today in France, there’s a strong debate around wedding, it’s always refreshing to find the big picture.

Concerning feminism(s), you should really read Rosalind‘s POV; here’s a sample:

“It was Alice [Blackhurst]’s final point that struck me as the most pertinent. She argues that: “In their mutual concern for new forms, new structures, and new ‘modes’ of expression in society, feminism and fashion might be allies.  But first, she says, we might have to re-define feminism – replacing ‘Feminism’ with a capital F with plural and diverse ‘feminisms’. Feminism encompasses numerous areas requiring different approaches and solutions. It is like a kaleidoscope – multi-faceted. New perspectives emerge all the time, and these must be recognised. That kaleidoscope analogy is appropriate for fashion too. Clothing has varying functions and purposes: to be sensuous, to be practical, to provide a uniform, to be outrageous, to blend in. But for me it’s the dressing up, the donning of a costume, that thrills the most.”
Very inspiring as there’s a real crisis/change which needs to make us reinvent feminism. I don’t have yet any final clue thus I know that it should not be bound to genre; you were born male, female, but – it may sound naive – the world is then yours.
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