J’adore Dior – L’Absolu – The Film

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Spotted this week by a friend at Chanel, this new 1 minute video by DIOR has stunned me at every replay since. All I had told myself and others about the perfect art direction of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine back in 2007, on how it would soon be a definitive cultural marker for contemporary culture has now its natural outcome: an effortless yet über-powerful, not to mention epic, elegant and balanced clip for an already legendary perfume. While the images are inspired by Sunshine mostly for their tense and paced-up cut, the soundtrack rings explicitely the reference: John Murphy’s Adagio in D Minor (featured in the indie sci-fi movie forementioned) and that velvet voice all made of serenity, beamed at eternity, like a perfect beacon of luxury. MASTERPIECE.


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  1. […] indie movie 28 Days Later. The track was called “In the House, In a Heartbeat”. See the previous acknoledgement of Boyle’s Sunshine by Dior […]

  2. Hi author,
    I really enjoyed your post and would add that the track title is actually Adagio in d minor (2012) remaster. Here is the link to the track if your users would like to download it.

    The track was remastered for the Dior ad.
    Many thanks

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