Montblanc Worldsecond: a journey around the world, around the clock

What if you could know exactly what’s going on in a far, far country? What if you could not sleep at night and that you decided to open your smartphone, to check someone’s mood in Australia? Even better: what if you could record time?

That’s the purpose of the Montblanc Worldsecond, a unique photo-by-photo journey around the world, fueled by imagination and creativity. The Greek used to split Chronos (numeric time) and Kairos (the opportune moment). It seems like the 2 are now fused.

On December, 31, all our Worldseconds will form a mosaic, a pulse of mood, snapshots. A celebration of beauty by people. You can download the app for Android and iPhone; two winners will be awarded: the photographer of the single image, as well as the contributor of the most creative photo gallery, compiled from the most inspiring pictures on the website. The winner in each category – Worldsecond Photo and Worldsecond Gallery – will receive a watch from the TimeWalker collection, a “Nicolas Rieussec”, in reference to the famous French watchmaker, who invented the chronograph in 1822.



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