MadiGaGa: when a kind Grandfather becomes a transsexual fashion icon in China

Liu Qianping, 72 year old, is a retired farmer from China’s Hunan province. He’s just become a fashion phenomenon in Asia and we bet it’s gonna go viral in the rest of the world soon.

It’s a cool story: Lv Ting, 24, wanted to launch a fashion brand, called Yue Kou. But in China as in other countries, the competition is fierce. One day, Liu Qianping saw her granddaugther packing up some clothes. As models are very expensive for young designers, he accepted to be shot wearing some outfits, mostly of the female collection.

Madigaga ( @fashionistoblog )

It definitely went viral on Weibo. It follows the same pace as Gangnam Style: a mix of humour, of self-derision, of shared fun. It goes far beyond our now famous male models like Casey Legler. And we should probably get inspired by the Asian scene, as they own this audacity.

At the end, the outfits are also interesting; the main difference with other designers is that it tells us a story.

Well done.

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