Izarra 54: get ready, Londoners

What’s interesting when you follow some news about cocktails is that you can sometimes forecast what are going to be the next trends in our favorite bars.

Good news for us: Rémy Cointreau is launching Izarra 54 in France, the revamped version of a popular Basque digestif. Joseph Grattau created Izarra (star in Basque) in 1904, and it then became a classic for Sunday lunches. Its tasty moutainherbs is really good with Gin.

It’s interesting to see that “mixology” is now really improving night experiences: it’s no longer *just* about drinking hard to party hard, it’s also an enjoyable discovery process. Bartenders have a recognized expertise, and we can bet they’ll be happy to imagine new cocktails with Izarra.

Yummie 🙂

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