What to wear for X-Mas and New Year's Eve if you're a man

Let’s face it: you either looooooooove X-Mas times, or you hate it. But anyway, whatever happens, you need to wear SOMETHING which can be cool or formal. Here are our 2 suggestions, depending on how you feel.


Blazer with One Button

Whatever happens, even if you’re just a COOL guy, you need blazer. This one rocks, with only one button, and you’ll even be able to wear it after X-Mas. Come on, your girlfriend and your mother in law will be pleased, baby boy!

French Connection

Sometimes, you need efficient and simple items. This one is a killer jumper, which will rock under your blazer. And you’ll feel warm in it, we promise.

Vivienne Westwood Orb Belt

You need EXTRAVAGANZZA, even if it’s under the table or under your outfit…Well, this Vivienne Westwood Orb Belt is the most sought detail…We love it.

Pringle Spotted Trunk

Come on: don’t you sometimes wonder how you can make fun of people in very boring events? Polka dots Trunks can be a good alternative to be an X-Mas rebel man.

River Island Nolan Chinos

Well, if you look a bit casual, this Nolan Chino is a great deal…

Supra – Vaider (Tuf Black Satin) – Footwear

Bouncers want you to wear black shoes; as a matter of fact, as streetwear is now the HYPE in catwalks, pick this classic Supra Vaider.

Maison Kitsuné Cardigan

But if you’re headed for a extended family meeting in the countryside, you’ll consider a very preppy look. A good way to make an impression of the good brother-in-law in the eyes of the ladies, and a perfect young pal to the older males. Start with this french understated preppy cardigan made by cult label Maison Kitsuné.

Wings + Horns Shirt

Work it into a semi-formal shirt, bringing a bit of contemporary city look into the wilderness with this deep blue Wing + Horns shirt . Buttonned-down and single-pocketed, it shows a simple complexity. You’re formal, but actually you’re not so formal. Exactly the interrogation you want to leave in everyone’s mind at lunch.

Paul Smith Classic Slim Pants

Next, do not make a fuss with your lower parts. Flashy cargo pants are for new american fortunes. These dark navy Paul Smith Pants will fit with a twist. Whether you’re going to share a cigar around the fireplace or you’re having an unprompted horseride around the park, form and comfort will be perfect with these.

A.P.C. derbies

Finally shape this all up with unconspicuous yet ideally crafted A.P.C. dark brown derbies. Their tone will light your pace up, while the crepe soles will provide comfort and warmth anywhere you go after lunch. They will be your subtle vintage twist to a quite contemporary classic look.


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