Fashion is like chocolate: the first taste matters

It’s true: the first flavours you taste when you’re kid determine your future crushes for specific products. The first good home made hot chocolate; the first dish of your father; your first glass of wine.

I think it’s probably the same process for fashion: the first outfit you really buy is something special; it’s a sort of freedom, in which all your values, mates, desires, shall fit. That’s why this very purchase is so important.

It has still an impact on me; for instance, I used to really dislike Lacoste, as I couldn’t bear their schizophrenia between posh collections and the fact that their outfits were actually bought by hip hop lovers. I was more in the second category, and it’s only recently that Lacoste accepts a change in its DNA. And I still don’t buy any item.

It’s the same for shoes: as a former rider, Vans were rejected by hardcore skateboarders; it was a brand for mummies’ sons, for guys who pretend to be in the crew.And again, I’m pretty reluctant to buy Vans.

It may sound a bit stupid, as I’m a grown up now.

Do you also have this sort of attitude?


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