Pete Doherty and friends @ Rhythm Factory (but without Pete, of course) (and now you get a poem too)

So guys, we were yesterday pretty excited to attend a PETE DOHERTY gig in London.

You may not know but we had already tried to see the guy many times in France, but as a living legend, he never showed up. Most ot the time, we only had a cool bartender to forget about it. But @ Rhythm Factory, there were cool bartenders + poets + local legends.

Yes yes, our fate happened again; the difference is that we’ve really enjoyed his “friends” who were on stage.

Nadia Khomami and Max Wallis, my favorite gang yesterday
good guitar

So here’s a poem to Pete, if one day he reads this blog. After all, he posted his X Mas invitation on YouTube, everything’s possible ha!

Pete stopped.

There was a sober crowd, cooling, freezing, expecting a Merry Gang.

Pints were surprisingly dry, and shy, and even Japanese girls came to see the stars

Ladies in black, pack, daring to see a Whitechapel cat, first time in a bar

Pete stopped before the high

The crowd was sober and as in a country show

The jockeys were more cavalier than the horses’ rodeo

No pogo, no disco, just a Spice Girls’ song to get rid of Alabama Bro

I know now that pills and Dutch labs’ freak don’t make you spry

But No Go.

There’s a garden behind the walls of your backstage blow

Not an hotel with debit cards but some credits to hoe

Who owes who maybe you’ll get to know

Our only hope is that the ground went to locals, poets and pale ales

Not to a random crow

Alabama 3 talking about an hotel or a motel…
Local legend



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