Mimi's beer: chilled place for fashion in Paris

There are real fashion UFOs sometimes. One of the very last ones is called “Mimi’s Beer“, in the very center of Paris (53 rue de Bretagne). The aim of their new collection: “brewed awakenings”. A cheeky universe with a dose of Gavroche: all the things we love.

We wanted to know how beer could meet fashion. Not that we were absolutely new to this beautiful idea

Fashion + beer: is it a new trendy mash-up in Paris, to make us forget tea + detox?

This mix is a funky way to make shopping. I want customers to be relaxed when they come at the shop.
As we receive new pieces every weeks, Mimi’s Beer is an address where you can stop by often and take the time to shop. There is music, seats and cold beer. A chill place where I think people can find nice clothes.
Beer helps all of us to let it go sometimes and it doesn’t belong to men only anymore.

Why are you called “Mimi’s beer”?

Mimi is my grandmother’s nickname, who I admire a lot, besides I wanted to sell my own beer. That is how the name came up.

#1 – Mimi’s Beer Opening Video from Mimi’s Beer on Vimeo.

Can we really have a pint if we go to your shop?

No pints, but a fresh beer in a nice bottle designed by my friend Lizzie Nanut.
Come shop and drink!

Where do you find your inspirations?

I find inspiration watching movies, looking at people in the street, and mostly when I am traveling.

Three stuff you hate in life?

Coriander, have to wait in line, and selfishness.

Three stuff to make non-French people dream?

Our baguette, our french kisses and the strong energy of our new president (ahah)

Where can we follow you (facebook/twitter etc.)?

Facebook, instagram and our blog part of Mimi’s Beer website.

#2 – The Unisex Sweaters from Mimi’s Beer on Vimeo.

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