La mode est à nous. Apadana. Tribute to La Haine

Every French who has some street culture knows a film entitled “La Haine”. Shot in 1995, this French black-and-white drama directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, generated a -very- strong impact in France. For one of the very first times, the French outcast of suburbs were challenging our vision of social welfare. Few years later, the film is still very relevant: our model suffers from a dislocation in terms of geographical discriminations; and probably even worse, there are growing cultural fears.

Apadana, “French Brand Persian Street Culture“, had a very good intuition as they’ve just released a “meme” of a famous scene of La Haine:

This time, “Le monde est à vous” (the world is yours) which was orginally transformed into “Le monde est à nous” (the world is ours) becomes “la mode est à nous” (fashion is ours).

la mode est à nous

When we say that fashion can change the world…



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