Dominic Lord: Music x Fashion for the win

We just spotted a new artist who is definitely going to make it in 2013. Listed as one of nineteen to watch next year by sharp music blog Pigeons & Planes, Dominic Lord has this little something that will make a difference on the business scene. Some may call it talent, but we’re not even hinting at that quite obvious parameter. Dominic Lord just stunned us when we first peeked at his clip: Pierce. Images here should say more than words. Rendez-vous after the jump.


Hip hop has often been a matter of bling, bigger guns or bigger words. But here we are with a video shattering worlds in one single motion. As fashion clips sometimes tend to become more and more first degree corporate messages, they have also looked more and more for inspiration in cinema and pop culture. So we’ve been amazed by the way Dominic Lord and his crew reinterpreted the luxury fashion themes into an epic hip-hop clip, as delicate and troubling as a Balenciaga runway show or an image torn out of Lars von Trier’s Melancholia

More music found here on his Soundcloud, and another clip just dropped in a few days ago for the equally brilliant track Mozart Go. Four thumbs up from The Boulevardiers. More to learn soon about Dominic Lord and his creativity if you bear with us, as an interview is on cue…

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