What's the difference between fashion blogging in France and in UK?

It’s true: blogging in a different country really changes the way you write and realize your fashion projects.

London is not Paris. And we’ve now found some key differences:

  1. You don’t go for lunch with PR; because British professionals don’t have the French “pause déjeuner”
    it’s a great discovery – and a sad one – as in Paris, we used to go for massive lunches with PR, fashionistas, beautiful people (haha). It was not about the quantity but about the quality. Picking the right restaurant was a good sign that your PR was worth it.
    In London, the meetings either happen for coffee (damn) or for a drink…when they happen. We miss our diet coke or glass of white wine at 1pm…
  2. London fashion scene is less aristocratic
    Maybe it’s just a wrong perception, but in Paris, you had this kind of implicit hierarchy between bloggers, brands, journalists. For instance, you need to really wait a lot and “fight” to get an invitation for a catwalk during Parisian Fashion Week. Let’s face it: Brits are cooler, and they understood that the wider a message spreads, the better it is for the *consumers*. But hey, French PR are not PR: they’re attachés de presse, sorry
  3. London has Alexa Chung…
    …and Paris can’t get rid of Carine Roitfeld. The new generation of designers is most of the time more popular abroad than in Paris. That’s a pity, but French fashion scene tends to focus on a glorious past. Too bad…

We’ll add other ideas in the next months ^^

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