EP Exsonvaldes: a good EP to win to start this new year

There are songs that wake you up, songs that make you dance. There are songs you listen like a nice treat, in your iPod, when it’s cold outside.

There are bands that are part of your individual story. And it’s the case with the French band, Exsonvaldes. Founded in 2000, the gang has played in hundreds of French, German or Spanish scenes. They’ll release their new album, “Lights” on March 18th. But until then, WE have the chance to offer you 2 EP of their song “DAYS”.

days exsonvaldes

To win it, it’s very simple: tell us in the comments what you’d love to do in the coming 2013 days 🙂 Most original ideas will win it 🙂

Happy new year 🙂




  1. I would love to also travel to places in India I haven’t been to , drink less caffeinated teas even though I’m an addict , go outside in the daytime more often , enjoy life for it’s only temporary and time is too fast , and get a new hairstyle ! buy things i need from etsy and not the mall because products are not the same in quality and being all natural and healthy
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

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