5 fashion bloggers attitudes we will change in 2013

Dring dring dring! It’s 2013 baby!

Oh wait.

It’s the time of the year when you need to express your resolutions. I know, we’re also diving into this bloody trend. But we promise to be honest with you this time.

  1. We’ll stop shouting on PR
    We had a quick Twitter conversation yesterday with Mirren, as she got an email at 10.10PM from a PR and that she thought it inappropriate. It’s probably true: the guys should be sleeping instead of outreaching bloggers. But it’s their jobs, they have a client under pressure; it’s not that they’re stupid, it’s the way the industry is done + PR are really often helpful with us. Let’s face it: even Rihanna is outreached 24/7, she just has better filters: we’ll condemn our filtering system, NOT PR (at least for the next 2 weeks)
  2. We’ll explore visual platforms
    We’ve started to play with Pinterest or Instagram (lilzeon and vuquan) but we haven’t been very consistent so far: we’ll try to give more, specifically during special events (Fashion Week etc.)
  3. We’ll keep shooting cover girls
    It’s our signature: every month, a reader we like is shot and becomes our cover girl for the blog, the Fan Page and Twitter. We’ll try to make it bigger, wider, stronger
  4. We’ll try to answer to any good project
    We’ve been quiet busy because of our professional activities, we then sometimes “miss” a good email or proposal: we’ll try to be nicer with our Gmail 🙂
  5. We’ll celebrate fashion when it supports revolutions, small or big
    Fashion is a key weapon when it comes to progress, mainstream influence or demonstration for specific causes. We’ll try to highlight again and again all the new activists


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