Christian girls shall be playful with Jesus according to Heart OMG

Religion and fashion have always had interesting relationships; sometimes style is the proof of cultural habits, and sometimes outfits help in breaking traditions. In our modern times, there might be a very strong paradox: how to promote individuals in a narcissistic way, while handling religious habits which are related to community per se?

We had always mentioned in 2011 a strong trend among the Muslim world, thanks to Hijabi Fashion Week and the “Modest” trend. In the US, Christian activists are very well structured too, and there’s a growing interest for Heart OMG fashion brand. They claim that  at “Heart OMG, we believe in sharing our faith & love through fashion while embracing our fun & characteristic lifestyle, as well as giving back to the ones in need“.

If I were cynical, I would say that the marketing value proposition of Heart OMG is that you can still look hot while diffusing Christian messages, it’s OK, ha! It’s a shame that there’s no such adjective as Hallal or Kosher for Christian individuals. Anyway.

Heart OMG christian fashion

I’m sort of confused. Not that I’m against religion or personal beliefs. But I feel like sometimes, marketing is a bit too rough when it comes to promoting self-expression. Whereas many great brands try to develop a more ideal world (think about Levi’s #GoForth), I feel like this “playfulness” is a bit weak. It’s all about looking sexy. And I think that it’s – again – a pressure on young women, Christian, maybe insincere and manipulative, playing between forbidden desire (“God knows my secrets” is very evocative…) and morally acceptable propaganda (it’s done for Christian, so everything’s cool).

What do you think? Are we paranoid?

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