Shopping List Men's sale: Street Hunting for men

Well, you think it’s already too late for Men’s sale? You’re damn wrong: it’s only NOW that the best offers happen. Here’s our best picks for Street Outfits…

bench jacket

Oh! Eh! Oh! Bench Thompson jacket is now available only for £30!!! on Asos. A nice deal as we know that this kind of items is a basic for early Spring…And a nice compromise if you wear a more formal suit under. Let’s bet you’ll love it too…

We more and more like Levi’s collections…And we like this shirt Made & Crafted. Very good fit if you wear in a cool environment, but can also be worn with a proper blazer. Be chic, be casual.

We’ve recently discovered James Long work (and we’re planning to attend his show this Tuesday); we like the fact that he illustrates the British scene: great know-how for menswear (you need some knitwear, well, it’s going to last and make you feel warmer) and some dots of originality. Here’s a jumper he created for TOPMAN. Hurry! And hey, we’re sure you’ll have to lend it to your GF or BF 🙂

On Brick Lane, the kids next door don’t wear their winter hats covering their forehead: they let them go in the back of their face! Not bad for spring as it’s a négligé way of wearing this nice Billionaire Boys Club Men’s The Helmet Watch Hat in Blue.



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