James Long Fashion Week Show @ Old Sorting Office: back to Baltimore!

Back from the very expected James Long Show, live from the gorgeous Old Sorting Office in Central London, I’m genuinely impressed by the guy.

Oversized chic pants, maroon and old Brit plaid and tartan, knitwear, James Long achieves the very tough performance to be very relevant with street trends (hipsters patterns with animals from another century, digital melancholia etc.) and in the meantime to bring us many steps forward. The collection is inspired by the famous filmmaker John Waters, and his boyhood friend and muse Glenn Milstead, also know as Divine. Together, they developed a strong trash movement, very aggressive against a conservative America. You bet we love it.

Divine icon by James Long Fashion Week
A tribute to Divine by James Long © Laurent Francois

You can watch this documentary which really explains James Long interest for the couple:

The show presented interesting knitwear and very ready-to-wear nice outfits for the modern man:

© Laurent Francois
© Laurent Francois



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