DRS: a new project by Warmi’s founder

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Colombian-born french designer Sylvia Toth started Warmi a few years back, developing quite a desirable line of delicate knitwear made in South America. Moving from that first contemporary success, she has started a new brand called DRS. Following the very graphical path set by Warmi’s designs, Sylvia now creates dresses like paintings. All pieces are silk-screened near Paris. First drops of this more than sexy capsule collection can ben seen in the US but also at Cancan30 in Paris or online at L’Exception.com

DRS - Spring Summer Capsule Collection
DRS – Spring Summer Capsule Collection

VQ stands for Vu Quan, Head of Strategy at Rice Creative and Lecturer at RMIT University (Bachelor of Fashion). He's a brand creator, a critical rant writer, and a believer in fashion and politics. That's why he'd happily run #Kanye2020 campaign.

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