Will pick-up trucks become the next big trendy cars?

One might ask: is this really a fashionable question? We actually believe pick-up trucks will become the next trendy cars. Known to be reliable vehicles in the countrysides of America, the pick-up truck can easily transport: a freshly hunted deer, decapitated zombies, a bunch of mujahidins, a motorcycle or an ill piece of cattle…

Ford F150 – a legendary american pick-up truck.

Although it’s not common in Europe, the pick-up truck still has a few customers: people in the mountains or on the coasts, mostly. Cities are not a really pleasant territory for these massive vehicles.  700 000 pick-up trucks are sold every year in South America, whereas only 100 000  find takers in Europe, that’s a way for us to say emerging avant-garde lifestyles have now moved from Old Europe to the new promising lands of economical growth.

Why do we think the pick-up truck is becoming that cool?

1) Because cities are overwhelmed and saturated with traffic: western metropolae (NYC, Londres, Paris, Tokyo) et emerging cities (Bombay, Sao Paulo, Jakarta…) can’t breathe anymore and are trying delicately to get rid of intense traffic. Cars might well become privileged transportation outside of the cities. The pick-up truck is perfect for a more rural circuit. 

2) Because citizens think they are some kind of post-redneck deerhunter wannabes. Menswear is more and more exploring the traditional workwear and outerwear pieces. From classic american shirts by Gitman Vintage to old school french made clothing by Arpenteur or the numerous homages to Barbour and its community, brands now go frankly for reliable and essential pieces of clothing. So these bobos might soon become the best customers for trucks to park at their mountain safe house.

Waxed cotton coat by Etudes (via ledixieme.com)

3) Because the pick-up truck is one of the most reinsuring offer to consumers to fight back at their irrational insecurities. To survive the end of the world or a bad psycho trip, that’s the promise made by Toyota for their latest NZ Hilux. Now that cars are not needed permanently, it’s all about having a little fun, escapism, and a jump back to the core values of car industry: performance, reliability and a certain idea of freedom.

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