ASOS x Ford Fiesta Catwalk: a lack of ambition but a new era for automotive industry

Vu Quan was writing on our French blog (L’Express Styles) that automotive industry should probably launch again trucks and massively invest in fashion communities.

It’s already been the case with Ford which partnered with ASOS to arrange a sort of mash up contest with fashionistas for the Fiesta Fashion Dash.

If the operation lacks a certain ambition (ok, you use female fashion influencers in a sort of curation of items relevant with Fiesta spirit, you groom them and you bring them to a party, how SURPRISING…) as it does not change the Ford Fiesta car itself, it’s interesting to see that car sellers no longer sell … cars, but lifestyle.

We’ve nonetheless really liked Christopher Waggott work (for Ogilvy agency) who was asked by “ASOS to shoot and edit a catwalk video. The concept was to feature the new Fiesta in the same manner as ASOS would showcase garments or accessories, making the car an extension of an outfit or look“.

The only question we rise is the following one: if fashion industry is clearly changing the way they produce catwalks (catwalks are more and more boring, less and less influential compared to other ways of communicating, through art exhibitions, crowdsourced collections etc.), why Ford keeps on arranging catwalks à l’ancienne?


ASOS x Ford Fiesta Fashion Dash 01 from christopher waggott on Vimeo.


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