February Cover Girl: Wah! Richelle, Barbican, London.

London is a crazy hub of lights; every village has its heroes, its passengers, its dreams and its new coffee shop. We’ve met Richelle thanks to life’s strange path, which make friends meet again together years later. From rooftop chit-chat to late night dancing, if London is gorgeous by night, some girls radiate every day. Last night a DJ saved my life.

Who are you? 😉

I’m Richelle, aka Rich, 28, I’ve been living in London for 2,5 years now…I have Indian roots, and I work in advertising!!! I’m a little crazy, too…yes it can pretty well suit me.

What does it mean, to be a “Londoner” ?

It’s living in a cosmopolitan city, to have friends with people from all over the world, to know more foreigners than English. It’s going to pub after work, living in Brixton makes you really feel every part of the work. It’s partying, and to say hello to Big Ben.

Who are the most inspiring women to your mind?

My mum’, because she’s always supported me. Angelina Jolie, because she adopted many kids, and I hope to do the same, a D-Day (well, her films and Brad Pitt, it’s not the most interesting part of Angelina). Sonia Gandhi, because an Italian woman who’s in charge in India, it does not happen very often!

What can we wish you?

Love, travels, and a no-regret life.


Art Direction: Vu Quan Nguyen (VQ), TNG

Photo: Laurent Francois (lilzeon)

Shot at Barbican, London. The whole portfolio will be available on Facebook.


Co-founder of Hit Bag

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