Quantified self: cosmetics brand, please save (me)!

There’s something strange in the world of men: a lot of my peers are diving into “Quantified self“. They download some geek apps on their smartphones, following their personal journeys. They know when they eat too much, they’re warned when they haven’t exercised enough. There’s a beep for any single supposed “healthy” need.

People plug when they run; they plug when they date; and one day, they’ll even plug when they’ll make love, just to know how many calories they’ve lost.


As you can imagine, it kinda bothers me. Because in the meantime, no one helps me when it comes to cream, soap, cosmetics as a whole.

I’m just going to share with you my last Boots example; I have a dry skin these days (interesting uh?) and I was looking for the perfect product.

I had a massive choice of similar products: Nivea, L’Oreal Men Expert, Dove.

Guess what: I had no clue what to pick. My father never told me which cream I should use, whereas I observed him shaving.

My brother does not really care which soaps or bathing creams he’s going to buy.

But hey it’s crazy. You’re in 2013, and cosmetics brands only focus on women when it comes to teaching how to use these products. When they say “warm water”, does it really mean “warm” or can it be used under the shower? When they say: avoid the circles around your eyes, they’re very nice, but hey, the shadows ARE under my eyes when I don’t sleep well!

So here’s my plea for beauty products and cosmetics brands: find a way to teach us how to put your stuff.

Otherwise, it’s Nike who’s going to quantify our skins; and I’m not really happy with that.


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