From fashion blogging to mood blogging

There’s an interesting trend within fashion communities; as fashionistas keep shooting themselves, providing “outfits of the day” #ootd on Instagram, there’s a growing attention for fashion curators.

Because used to have a sort of monopoly and that this time is over.

Because you sincerely don’t have time anymore to just follow your top 20 bloggers and find your inspirations.

Now has come a time of expert “Pinterest Moodboards” makers; on Pose, same idea. These people are really different from typical fashion bloggers; they don’t promote themselves that much on external networks like Twitter. They don’t share all the time their “real names” as they’re more power users within a visual platform; they have a very strong knowledge of fashion and they don’t run after fashion events. Actually, most of them are already fashion professionals (stylists, designers, PR etc.) and don’t need these accesses.

They might be one of the key pillars for fashion marketers in the coming months: they reference designers, they mention when an item is available, they are present where consumers look for good ideas at a specific moment of the year.

Few people we like to follow:

Kim Kiwi

Pinterest phenomenon and heavy contributor “The Call of the Wild ”

Dree Harper

“Fashion Expert & Personal Shopper. Refinery29 Contributor. Design Lover. Vintage Addict. Mommy/Wife.”

Peter Som

“The musings of fashion designer Peter Som. Also on Twitter @peter_som.”


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