Elise Bourque: when a simple gal transforms street & digital inspirations into fashion

We’ve discovered a great and energetic young fashion designer, Elise Bourque. While everybody was focusing on New York Fashion Week, there’s a growing and interesting scene in Canada. The fashion revolution may also start from the snow and from the caribous.

Hi Elise! Your creations were highlighted during the recent Ottawa Fashion Week: how would you define the Canadian fashion touch?

We all know how cold it can get here in Canada! Like, no kidding.  My focus this season was to create awesome winter jackets. Big hoods with the fur, nice Melton wool fabrics that are warm for our chilly winters and look dressy at the same time…A cozy feeling of wearing a fashionable winter jacket! I can picture in my mind a woman skating on the Rideau Canal wearing one of my winter coats, that would be magical =)

Your presentation starts with: “believe in the beauty of your dreams“. What are your dreams, Elise? 🙂

I am a very simple gal, and this may sound cheesy but, being happy and successful are my biggest dreams, and looking good in amazing clothes can make a girl very happy and confident.

Elise Bourque lookbook 2

Who are the designers who inspire you?

I am not really inspired by other designers… I’m mostly inspired by people, a look or a street style, but if I would have to say a name it would be Alexander Wang, for his success and his great sense of style.

Your creations seem to have deep “street”-style roots: what’s your creative process?

It mostly starts with looking through fashion blogs, I can be inspired by a color, a collar , just a look or a feeling. Afterwards, I have to ask myself; would I wear that? Would the elisebourque girl wear this? if yes, I start sketching and then I go on with the pattern making and the sewing.

You use to blog a lot on fashion: did it help for your work?

Yes, it was a good reference to give to people who asked about my designs. Also to get the public’s feedback, which is, to my mind, one of the most important indicators. It also helped me to write posts to showcase every new outfit I would make, every post had its own story, that was one of the things I loved the most about blogging, telling a story.

Where can we follow you and order your collections?

You can follow me through instagram, twitter or www.elisebourque.com. (website soon to come). For ordering, you will be able to do so in the winter of 2013-2014.


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