Why catwalks are still JUST catwalks? #lfw


We’ve already been watching, discovering, many shows for the last few hours. Viva London Fashion Week!

And I can’t wait to attend Topshop’s show tomorrow. These guys know how to tease you.

But seriously; why catwalks are still just catwalks? Imagine: hundreds of eyes are gazing beautiful dresses, patterns, ideas, moving models; but most of the shows are still very binarian: a model enters the catwalk; she basically walks for 30 seconds; if you’re attending the show, you need to write very quickly, ’cause otherwise you’ll have to go online after; photographers are fighting for the best shots; and then, you can have a chat with your neighbors (or not) and go back to the office.

AND THAT’S ALL. (not for all designers thus: think about Louis Vuitton massive scenography for instance).

It’s absurd for emerging designers to keep investing in traditional shows.

People are more and more going online to discover your products, which means that most of the time, your lookbook is far better than your catwalk: you miss your climax!

If you’re competing during a Fashion Week, influencers are not going to remember you if you’re just an average show, as it’s so busy.

Art Direction does not end when your outfit is produced: it’s actually just starting. Think about Nanette Lepore ambitious show in New-York: whereas I think there’s a genius idea which is pervasively felt in her collection, not so many people talked about her in media. Why? Because the show was not that original compared to the statement.

In New-York, Rodarte imagined an original path for their models:

© Rodarte Show (source: Bureau Betak)

It’s not that crazy in pictures (so wouldn’t it be time to imagine new ways fashion photographers shoot catwalks?) but the mood was terrific.

My bet is that in the coming years, models won’t have to learn how to walk but how to embody complex characters. That’s probably why everybody’s on Cara Delevingne these days: she has something to share before, during and after her shows.

Just to say.

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