Korin Avraham from Ya Salam, fashion blogger in Tel Aviv

Fashion is like a great journey; from a place to another, people have different faces, moods, attitudes and dreams. We had a chance to discover Korin Avraham, who is the proud owner of Ya Salam fashion blog. Based in Tel Aviv, Korin shares with us her own fashion genesis. A family story, but also a deep attachment to Italian know-how.

Your blog is called “Ya Salam“: why this reference to an Arab word to say hello?

When I opened my blog I was thinking how should I call it?
I knew I want the name to reflect me… and a second later I experienced a colorful flashback of me as a four years old girl standing in my bedroom the night of my kindergarten graduation party. I was telling my mom that I’m not going to wear the dress and the Sandals she gave me and if she wanted me to go to the party she better get me the linen overall and my burgundy polish shoes because that was the outfit I felt like wearing!!! She tried telling me she doesn’t know where she put the overall and asked me to wear the other outfit and go to the party on time without making my entire family wait for me. I apologized and just said that the faster she will get me my outfit the faster we will all go. She left the room and came back with my outfit and after I put it on she said “ok Korin, now can we go?” I looked at all of my family members and saw that all of them were upset. I thought to my self: There is no way we are leaving to a party with this attitude. So I did my pose and said “now everybody say: YA SALAM!!

I will just explain that Ya Salam means “WOW” in Arabic and its a term that my dear amazing dad would say whenever I would wear something nice or say something smart.
So that’s it- they were all laughing, said YA SALAM and we all had a great night.
So that’s what I want my blog to be about: A good attitude is the first thing you have to wear no matter where you go, who you go with and what you wear!!!!

korin ya salam

What are your biggest achievements so far as a fashion blogger & stylist?

My biggest achievement was the production I made for Moschino when his team arrived to Tel Aviv as the Tel Aviv fashion week – guest of owner.

As a result I have been interviewed to an Italian online magazine and have been invited to the fashion show that will take place at the Milan fashion week.

I also have been given a regular slot on ‘The Lounge’ show on IDC Radio – an international Radio.

© Kara Bieber, Make up by Sara Rutstein, Styling by Ya Salam
© Kara Bieber, Make up by Sara Rutstein, Styling by Ya Salam


Tel Aviv is a very sought place these days: would you define an Israelian fashion identity?

The fashion scene in Israel is, like the country, very young and is still at a curious stage without a clear identity.

The main fashion scene in Israel is based in Tel Aviv as most designers are located here, and there are lots of vintage stores here as well.

The style is eclectic and has an oriental flavor along with modern and western motifs, as you will find an urban colorful designs next to vintage influence and interesting and fun accessories world.

If we want to better know the fashion scene in Israel, where shall we go and which sites shall we visit?

Sheinkin st, Flee market on Jaffa, art and crafts market on Nachlat Binyamin st., the vintage market on Dizingoff square, Dizingoff st., Neve Tzedek, Mitcham Hatachana.

What can we wish you?

To keep love for what I’m doing and to keep doing what I love!


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