Harukazilla: a fashion monster in Japan

Japan fascinates. Trends, technologies, people; everything looks like a big mystery from a Londoner perspective. We’ve asked a nice Japanese monster what was going on there.

Your blog is called “Harukazilla“: are you a fashion monster?

Actually Harukazilla is my account name I use everywhere on SNS. I came up with the name when I started my twitter about 4 years ago and I wanted my name to represent that I’m Japanese so I decided to add”zilla” , which is from Godzilla , after my name. And yeah I guess I’m a fashion monster then 😉

What are your biggest achievements so far as a fashion blogger & epicurean young woman?

I started my blog just for fun and to improve my English a year ago and I’m sure it’s helping a lot with English , and what’s more, blog is a very good way to keep my interest in fashion . Well I don’t think I’ve achieved anything big so far, but I hope I’ll be able to express myself through my blog more in the future.

© Harukazilla
© Harukazilla

Japan is a very attractive place for so many European: how would you define a Japanese fashion identity?

Yeah right, I feel very lucky be able to live in Japan as a fashion lover and I’d probably define Japanese fashion as a “melting pot”, which is used to define the American diversity of races and culture in general . Japanese fashion is so diverse and a lot of kinds of style live together in such a small island , which is the most significant , of course, in Tokyo.

If we want to better know the fashion scene in Japan, where shall we go?

Definitely Tokyo. As you know Tokyo is known as one of the biggest fashion cities in the world and it’s very popular among the tourists all over the world. Especially I love and Harajuku where are probably the two biggest fashion cities in Tokyo. Shibuya is where I usually shop and I always get inspired by fashionistas walking by and I love how they’re never afraid to express themselves through fashion.

What can we wish you?

I’m actually studying business at university right now but my interest in fashion seems to get bigger and bigger these days. I’m not so sure what I want to do in the near future after my graduation but I at least hope I’ll be able to do a job related to fashion.

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