Marta, from 2nd FUNNIEST THING: "transforming or upcycling what we already have….I think it's the funniest way to express ourselves"

There’s a girl in Spain, who’s able to write but also to create with her own two hands. We’ve met DIY fashion blogger Marta. And we’ve talked about creativity, economics…and Zara.

Hi there! Your blog is also a DIY blog: can you tell us more about your concept?

I love helping people to save money, sharing my DIY vision of fashion. Making something with our own hands, transforming or upcycling what we already have….I think it’s the funniest way to express ourselves, while reducing waste and developing our creativity. I guess DIYing is becoming a deep down sort of adult game

What are your biggest achievements so far as a fashion blogger & designer?

Mainly the fact that 2nd Funniest Thing’s philosophy about a more responsible consumption is received as an encouraging message for conscious fashion lovers. As a designer I’m still impressed each time I find someone wearing one of my creations and also when a stylist wants any of my pieces for their creative shootings.

shop2 marta

Barcelona is a city of love for a lot of European: could you define a Spanish fashion identity?

Although globalization is homogenizing fashion, Spain stands out by its quality, top design and stylish mood. Brands such as Zara and Mango are the best example of Spanish fashion success.

Apart from that there’s also a large quantity of alternative designers which I really admire such as:

La casita de wendy
Katarina Grey
and “Sietedelonce

If we want to better know the fashion scene in Spain, where shall we go and which sites shall we visit?

I would recommend to visit Absolut Mode Society and also It Fashion.

What can we wish you?

2 more hands or 30-hour days to allow me to do more things 😉

And that’s it! Thanks for everything and big hugs!!

As Marta is definitely nice, she offers to one of our beloved readers this handmade necklace. To win it, comment and tell us what’s your funniest thing ever.

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  1. One of the funniest things I have had to do, was be in charge of a bachelorette/hen party. The bride wanted fun activities, but without the usual tacky materials. But of course, I needed to insert humour, so I chose to get the other ladies to make Pornogrami! Creating rude paper origami. The best bit was having to instruct/narrate how to do the folds, and we all started saying phrases with double entendres. Here’s the result, and an utterly hilarious evening:

  2. if you looking for Marta in the dictionary, appears: creativity in abundance, sympathy and good people

    great interview, great DIY BLOGGER!

  3. Que ha pasado con el blog, ahora está en inglés? No me he enterado de nada, cuéntame…
    El collar precioso desde luego.
    un besazo.

  4. Hola preciosa, me he perdido un poco en el nuevo formato de blog, pero ya me voy haciendo.
    Respecto a lo del tutorial de maquillaje, me encantaría pero ahora estoy con un nuevo proyecto más todo lo demás y es imposible, pero si me haces el favor de recordarmelo en unos meses me lanzo y lo hago, a ver si tengo algún tiempo más.
    A lo mejor es pedirte mucho, no lo se, si es así me lo dices.
    Un besazo

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