5 minutes with José Amorim from Luxury Activist: "The high value is not in the price, but in the hours spent by fantastic people to produce the best and the unique"

When we asked on Facebook who we should definitely interview when it comes to Luxury, our friends mentioned Luxury Activist. And it’s true that we like their society analysis and this idea that luxury brands don’t belong to an exclusionary world anymore. They’re part of a culture, of a country.

We had a chance to ask few questions to José Amorim, born in Brazil but now based in Switzerland. And this guy really knows his stuff.

Your blog is called “Luxury Activist“: luxury has become a left-wing affair?

Not really 🙂 It came from 2 ideas. The first one was based on the fact that it is important to highlight the know-how behind the “glamorous glitters” of luxury and fashion.
If people understand better about the hard and qualitative work behind a dress, a watch or a skincare product, they would appreciate it even more. The high value is not in the price, but in the hours spent by fantastic people to produce the best and the unique.
Then, the second idea is that I intensively fight to rise the quality of online news. Online press and blogs were tremendously criticized over the years about the quality of their work. Of course not everything is qualitative but we are a few people to invest our passion and knowledge (most of the good blogs are done by experts) to bring interesting discussions that you do not see much in what we call traditional press.

What are your biggest achievements so far as a luxury & fashion blogger?

To have obtained my Press Card based only on the quality of my work. My webzine is officially affiliated to the New and Electronic Media section at the Swiss Journalist association. It shows how modern this country is.
In terms of work, I was the first one to display The first Nicola Formichetti’s fashion show for Mugler on Youtube when Lady Gaga presented the “Born this way” single.
After 150,000 views in 2 days I got kicked out by Youtube for “third parties copyrights”…
Otherwise I am quite proud to talk about fashion brands that have not so much visibility in the press like Damir Doma, Junko Shimada, Martin Grant or historical Mariano Fortuny.

Switzerland is a hot spot for luxury and also digital (net à porter etc.): as you’re also Brazilian, how would you define the Swiss scene vs the Brazilian one?

Switzerland and Brazil are very specific countries. Brazil has a tremendous creativity and endless resources in many ways. Sometimes the country struggles on the fact that Fashion business is in Sâo Paulo but Glamour is in Rio de Janeiro. I love the fact that Brazilians have a strong creativity on mixing things and we love to be “trendy” and fashion is a big topic.
Blogs I love in Brazil are kirafashion.com.br (a real discovery) or garotasestupidas.com.
In Switzerland it is different. Not so many Fashion/Luxury blogs compared to France or even the UK. But a lot of strong opinions online. Bloggers generally are more interested in high-tech or Politics but we can find some interesting Fashion blogs. Big “friendly fight” between Zürich and Geneva and it is hard to be at both places. An interesting fact though about fashion blogs, they love make-up and nail art, more than anywhere else!
I would highlight 2 blogs I love a lot: sandrascloset.com and 10tubes.net.

If we want to better know the fashion & luxury scene in Switzerland, where shall we go and which sites shall we visit?

There is one Department store in Zürich doing a great work on Fashion, it is called Jelmoli. They call themselves “The House of Brands” and they invest a lot in events like fashion shows and they have very interesting exclusive brands.
You can check them on their website. They have a blog section with all the hits of the moment. If you visit Switzerland, you need to visit 2 streets for fashion and luxury: The Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and Rue du Rhône in Geneva.

What can we wish you?

To keep my freedom and to collaborate more and more with interesting people. The more we share… the better!

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