March Cover Girl: Nina Gosse, fighting against Moby Dick

Nina Gosse is our March Cover Girl. She’s currently studying law at Cambridge, but is also very involved in editorial & fashion projects. When meaning meets a nice smile, well, we can say we’re happy to have such interesting readers.

Hi Nina; what’s the typical day of a hard working student slash fashionista slah writer?

My day is necessarily active, connected, including one tea (minimum), some law, some art, some doubts and at least one pleasure (whatsoever) to hold up.

France vs Great Britain: who wins?

I love French exigency, our taste, our values. When it comes to fashion, our crafty nonchalance and our natural type are very particular. In the UK, I love eccentricity and their dandys,  like Oscar Wilde. And I love the fact that their shopkeepers love their jobs…I don’t like porridge thus.

L’heure du rush à St Pancras © LF

“Fashion can change the world”. Do you agree?

No, it’d be too easy. Fashion can make life funnier, sweeter, nicer. Fashion can help us in seducing, loving, affirming ourselves, feeling good; fashion is everything but superficial, or it’s a necessary superficiality.

A Central St Martins © LF

Who have you recently met that really matters?

I dreamed bout spending an evening with Ernets & Zelda, it was fab’. I would have loved to attend the Roaring Twenties. But in real life…Well, I’ve met an art dealer (he’s the guy I’m talking about in my last interview for CRUMB) and a specialized lawyer (Intellectual property, my field of work) who convinced me again that I love what I do.

What’s your perfect outfit?

To feel good AND elegant. My favorite outfits (including the ones I haven’t got yet) are the ones offered by people who love (my grand-mother’s jewels matter the most).

What can we wish you?

Some successes, hyper-activity (but also a bit of rest), happiness and some small dramas too (otherwise life’s not funny).

Moby Dick © LF

Where can we follow your activities?

I use a lof Facebook, otherwise you can read (in French)

Otherwise, I have some temporary projects: fashion photography, editorials and writings (my most personal project is on My visual signature comes from the Nanas d’paname, some of them are real friends now!

Nina’s style:
coat, trousers, pull, hat = topshop,

jewelery:  Coralie de Seynes,

shoes: CRIME (@Blank, rue de Bretagne à Paris),

tote bag Out of Print.

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