Kira Aderne from Brazil: "fashion gives an impressive sense of community"

We sometimes have digital crushes…And I’m going to be honest: the first tweet we’ve sent to Kira Aderne from Kira Fashion was: “btw you have an AMAZING style! do you sometimes come to London? we could arrange a shooting!!!“. Brazilian fashion scene is on the rise.

When fashion meets personal journeys, we can bet that you’re going to become addicted to Kira daily stories.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging about 6 years ago! A long way…and my main reason is still the same until today: helping me in elaborating my fashion choices and sharing the things I love.

You often try to mix cultural scenes (dancers, urban exploration) to fashion: how do you prepare your shootings?

Everything happens almost unplanned. It’s funny because I don’t prepare much. Although, when I set up an outfit, I try to think of a good location for the photos. However, most of the time, I decide it in the car on my way to the photoshoot.

What are the blogs you like to read?

I love to read bloggers who remain true to themselves through the years. That’s why I love Karla’s Closet ( from the US, one of the first blogs I discovered! And Zebra Trash ( from the North of Brazil!

kira fashion blogger 2

Fashion can change the world: what do you think about that?

I bet it’s so right! It gives an impressive sense of community in gathering through the same passions and desires. It doesn’t matter if you live in Brazilor in Japan, we’re all on the same page! It makes the world smaller and consequently, it gets us closer.

What do you expect from fashion brands?

I expect that, day after day, we get closer. After all, we have the same goals. Brands need customers and customers want brands. And blogs, working with full transparency, can make this relationship stronger.

Brazil: if we want to better get a sense of what’s going on there, where shall we go (both in real life and online)?

We’re a huge country and a very diverse one. To know a bit of our land and our people, you should come at least for 4 different places: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recifee Manaus(from Southeast to the North of Brazil). Doing that, you can have a taste of our culture and our people. Online, visit:

Where can we follow you?

Via Instagram: kirafashion; Twitter: @kirafashion; Facebook:; blog:

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