My recent addiction to REISS 1971

We are bad, bad, BAD!!! We fashion bloggers sometimes spend so much time online, trying to discover new emerging brands, tricky ideas, inspiring styles, that we just completely forget high street. Yeah, we get low on high street major players (I don’t even know if it’s English, thus). So this Saturday, I did something crazy: I went to Reiss, just in front of Covent Garden station. Yeah, you read it well: Reiss.

Maybe for you English-speaking fellows, it might sound not that surprising; but for a male + French + East Londoner, Reiss was associated to a certain idea of older preppy families; to people sailing on a yacht in French Riviera; to men who don’t want to get dirty in shabby-chic night-life, who aren’t into arts and pervasive meetings.

I was wrong, oh so wrong fashionistas. Don’t blame me; I’ve just confessed. I’ve discovered, 3 years after everybody, their younger and edgier sub-brand, called “1971”.


The collection is utterly premium; a mix of retro-attitude which fully mash-ups with current trends, promoted by Open Ceremony for instance. I have a crush on this jacket for instance, which could perfectly suit to Ryan Gosling in Drive 2:

For girls, the collection is even more subtle; a sort of Kling but more premium:

Reiss 1971, for wanderer with a twist of chic.

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