Cara Delevingne: the girl who created LOL-Fashion

The fashion world often needs to highlight the NEXT icons. Because brands have been pretty unfaithful with top models: goodbye Naomi, Claudia et caetera! Millions of new faces are inhabiting fashion collections: actresses like Zooey Deschanel or Jessica Chastain are now bankable for selling style. In the meantime, communities of bloggers or influencers are the new hype when it comes to collaborations; because we are the living girl-next-door (and boy, thus).

© Cara Delevingne (instagram)

In London, during Fashion Week, we’ve only seen ONE girl. Cara Delevingne. A ticking catwalk bomb. She was the big star at Topshop Unique, Mulberry…She partied hard with Rihanna, while magazines were speculating on her love relationships. Rita Ora? One Direction guy? Even Prince Harry! And a lot of the tycoons declared that Cara is the new Kate Moss. We actually think that media go a bit too fast; and that Cara is far different from Kate. For our own pleasure.

Cara Delevingne created a new trend: the LOL Fashion. Let’s analyze what it’s all about.

Cara Delevingne, a modern Brit

She’s the grand-daughter of Sir Jocelyn Stevens, the founder of “Radio Caroline” in the 60s. A fusion of Establishment & Rock’n roll, that we also find in Cara. She handles royal friendships and underground address book. She’s the girl that everybody knows and envies: the cool pretty girl, but with VIP bullets. She can wear a beanie or a Burberry suit: she rocks. She unifies East and West London; and that’s a performance.

© Laurent Francois ( lilzeon ) / ViewsCo

Cara Delevingne, digital MC

Ages ago, and still in Hollywood, PA and PR used to tell to their clients to over-protect their lives. When it comes to Cara Delevingne, it’s exactly the opposite: she tells us a daily story, bypassing traditional media channels. During #LFW she posted more than 10 posts per day in average, attracting 50 000 new followers every 24H. A massive gravity law on planet Cara. This “LOL Fashion” is also close to theLOL casualness” concerning luxury brands.

Cara Delevingne plays with digital gimmicks and habits, as with this Harlem Shake:

Cara Delevingne, close to the Teens

In France, models and “stars” tend to be distant with fans. But Cara Delevingne spends time taking pictures with them, chatting with them, taking care of them. Cara spreads the love. Cara Delevingne understood that her business is not fashion only: it’s entertainment.

Cara Delevingne, Lolita

From our male eyes, of course slightly in love with her, we transfer a sort of guilty feeling for this modern icon, cheeky, and not that far from a Facebook poke. Film industry and literature offered us thousands times this aesthetic process; at the end, Mena Suvari was long ago this venomous girl next door for 40 something daddies in American Beauty.  It was in 1999. We’re now in 2013, we just replicate 10 hours of Nyancat or 10 years of Lolitas. Is Cara really the future, then?

Mena Suvari (American Beauty – S. Mendes – 1999)

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