Sophie Ismail from Alerte à Liège: Belgium attacks.

Sophie Ismail from Alerte à Liège is one of our favorite fashion bloggers. Now based in Paris but with eyes all over Europe, she’s a fashion bomb, mixing a very rare sensitivity for rising talents to strong fashion statements. Let’s talk about Belgium.

Your blog is called “Alerte à Liège“: is there a fashion menace in Belgium?

There are many gifted designers in Belgium, and 2 very famous fashion schools: La Cambre in Brussels, and the Académie royale des beaux-arts in Anvers. But because of the recession, a lot of consumers decide to pick major brands (Isabel Marant, Chloé, Céline, Chanel,…) instead of daring to chose young creators. Moreover, Belgium does not own creativity, as foreign showrooms are becoming better and better. You just need to attend Paris Fashion Week to get the point.

When you launch a fashion brand, you need important funds. In Belgium, government and specialized business angels, like Anne Chapelle (aka bvba 32), help us.

What are your biggest achievements so far as a fashion blogger?

To be still active online, as my blog is now 5,5 years old…

Belgium is the place to be for fashion designers. As you’re also living in Paris, how would you define the Belgian scene vs the Parisian one?

During the previous Fashion Week, as I was attending Christian Wijants and Jean-Paul Lespagnard catwalks, I realized how the Belgian fashion stakeholders really help one another, as a family. The top-notch of the Belgian fashion world was present, very enthusiastic. The mood during the shows is very human, very unique…

If we want to better know the fashion scene in Belgium, where shall we go and which sites shall we visit?

You need to prepare your trip to Brusells with MAD Brussels.This organism aims to promote fashion & design industries. There’s an online schedule and an address book of creators. In Anvers, you just need to walk around and get caught by the creative energy.

What can we wish you?

I’d like to see blogs to be more considered in brands’ digital communications, and that brands stop thinking that bloggers are just an opportunity to get free advertizing or (very) low cost.


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