What is #shoeporn ? When fashion & digital culture collude

We already knew #Foodporn madness: billions of pictures shared on Instagram or Twitter, making our friends hungry. A floating island of temptation, so to say.

Are we all crazy? Governments and associations try to make us eat better. Health management programs are on the rise. “Junk food” is Public Enemy #1. But as human beings always love all and its opposite, #foodporn is our new stuff. A phenomenon rooted in our desires and neurosis.

“Like the sexual kind, food porn allows us to lust after taboo things (…) And now it’s on our terms: We can search for exactly what turns us on, enlarge the images, and linger for as long as we want.”  Susan Albers, Psy.D., author of Eating Mindfully.

It’s not just a random topic: according to Women’s Health: a study in “Obesity” journal demonstrates that the brain’s hunger-and appetite-regulating center is more likely to be stimulated by images of food. Even worse: ghrelin (hunger hormone) can not even be self-controlled by our brain!

Fashion, this fantastic factory of pulses and attitudes, got it well:  #shoeporn starts to rise everywhere; on Glamour, but also on Refinery 29 follow what fashionistas already do online.

Surprisingly enough, #shoeporn also find some origins in the 90s, when feminist like Germaine Greer were attacking “lifestyle feminists”, and women who love high heels. They called them “FUCK ME SHOES”. What an irony 🙂

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