Rachel Lynch from I Hate Blonde: trash, but meaningful

If Lilzeon was a girl, he’d like to be Rachel Lynch from I Hate Blonde. Sharp style, self-provocative, addictive and smart; there are many stories coming from her blog. Some might hate her. We said that this girl breaks the fashion rules. For our own delights. A minimalist interview, now. Right Now. With “the blonde alien on the lower east side“.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging because I loved to write and I was modeling. I decided to put my two arts together.

Your art direction seems to connect to a certain “white trash” inheritance: do you agree?

Lol white trash? Not replying to that question? Kind of just sounds ignorant.
© Rachel Lynch, I Hate Blonde


What are the blogs you like to read?

I don’t read other people’s blogs. I just focus on me, I wouldn’t want it to influence me.


Fashion can change the world: what do you think about that?

Yes, but I think of it on a smaller scale. It can change one’s life.


What do you expect from fashion brands?

I expect a certain lifestyle to be projected through the collections. It has to capture a feeling and an essance.


Where can we follow you?-When did you start blogging and why?

@Ihateblonde on instagram, www.ihateblonde.com is my blog, @itsclevergirl is my twitter

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  1. I’ve read multiple interviews with Rachel of @ihateblonde & I’m really disappointed she gives different & inconsistent answers to the same questions.

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