EXPOSED shop, Camden Town…shopping crush of the week!

There’s this shop in Camden, called EXPOSED. A great discovery, not THAT expensive for a pop-up-like store.

exposed shop camden 3

They showcase some of the best up and coming British Designers. “Currently in Stock are: Plastic Guns, Mark Thomas Taylor, Abandon Ship & Joe & Co Denim. We also have a specialist Vintage section from Dirty Look“.

exposed shop camden 2

That’s really the deal of the week for menswear: I bought a Joe & Co shirt (Mancunian rock!) and when you compare the quality to some high-street brands, well, you should definitely offer yourself a “je ne sais quoi” more…you know.

We tend to focus a lot on East London. And preppy boys tend to focus a lot on the West side…The secrets of London are nonetheless in these little boutiques: energy, curation, good vibes.

Re-think Camden.


The address:

Exposed Unit 3, Camden Lock Place, Camden, London – 0203 632 0909

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