Thinking about a Parisian fashion style? Forget Inès de la Fressange, adopt Isabelle Thomas

There’s this boring and conservative state of mind in French fashion, that when you think about a Parisian icon, a lot of established signatures think about Inès de la Fressange.

It’s very simple: I cannot count anymore the number of covers with Inès de la Fressange, mentioning a topic about Paris. So dramatically original as you can imagine. It’s symptomatic of the lack of confidence and vision of old fashion ladies in print magazines. I wouldn’t mind if they were not stealing the money of brands through media agencies, thus.

There are two ways to approach Paris: the Disney World journey, or the indie-chic one.

In the Disney World journey, you like Inès de la Fressange, you like flying boats and you think that Montmartre is the center of Paris. You think that men are romantic and that there’s love in every corner. You will probably follow a very blind trip. And you can be happy with this experience!

Or you can pick the most interesting one. The indie one. Men are more cheeky; women are not these outdated figures; there’s freedom, chic and funk. You’ll have a drink in a new fast casual restaurant (sur le pouce); you’ll have a crush on a Kling dress (even if it’s SPANISH) and you’ll probably go to a market in East Paris. There are new rules, too. Audacious outfits, mash-up between French designers you’ve never heard about in Vogue (yet), an international passer-by creation. And a big storm-soul for your eyes and your mind.

How can you find this route if you’re not an insider? Well, we can really recommend you to read Paris Street Style, a guide to effortless chic by Isabelle Thomas, one of our muses who also blog for L’Express Styles in French, and her friend and gifted photographer Frederique Veysset. You’ll get a sense of what real Parisian fashion is about: borrowing a coat from the 60s and not looking like a creepy hipster. Approaching denim with bright new ideas. Feeling good by mastering an easy-going style. Isabelle and Frédérique managed to summarize very deep trends touching French fashionistas and friends.


French women got rid of straitjacket. The web killed the Vogue-granny star. Believe this hype.

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